SHEQ: Safety/Security, Health, Environment, Quality & CSR

The management of Klaeser is aware of its responsibility to society, our customers and our employees.

This not only includes the quality and efficiency of operations, products and services, but just as importantly the concerns of environmental protection, job safety, as well as the protection of persons and objects together with the environment.




Sustainability plays a significant role at Klaeser.

Klaeser has invested - to the limits of its economic capacity - sustainably in infrastructure (e.g., company grounds, buildings, IT), technical equipment (e.g., vehicles, machines, technology for facilities), technical devices (e.g., telematic units) and the qualification of employees (e.g., through our own training and continuing education opportunities, as well as regular specialized training offers). The potential risks in respect to safety, health and the environment as well as their effects on business activities are analyzed and documented - with the help of experts if necessary. At the same time, the legal basis for these measures is regularly kept up-to-date. Whenever required, preventative measures will be taken to minimize and control risks.

Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015

Since 1995, Klaeser has been utilizing a certified quality management system and is regularly subjected to internal and independent external audits in this context. The objectives are:

  • greater economic efficiency through the optimization of operational procedures;
  • locating the potential for improvement and conservation;
  • the guarantee of sustainable quality:
  • increased image value and the improvement of competitiveness;
  • minimizing risks;
  • the fulfillment of requirements to the complete satisfaction of customers, clients and employees.

Certification also includes the adherence to all legal requirements in order to acquire type approval for motor vehicle construction.

  • Certificate ISO 9001:2015 EN
  • Certificate KBA EN

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 EN

Certificate KBA EN

At Klaeser, management as well as all executives and employees are committed to striving for a respectful interaction between man and nature in all of our business activities. This means above all:


to not cause damage to human beings, to the environment or other things;


to advance mutual respect and open dialogues;


to minimize negative effects on the environment as much as possible;


to utilize raw materials and energy efficiently during the preparation of our products and services in order to conserve resources;


to avoid or reduce waste as much as possible and separate the resulting waste with caution;


to observe and adhere to legal provisions as well as the legal restrictions of issued permits/approvals, and to keep informed about the current status of changing laws;


to observe legal regulations concerning accident prevention and other work protection regulations, and to ensure that all participants work under safe conditions;


to protect the enterprise, its facilities, products, vehicles and employees as well as all internal and external data from external threats;


to monitor, critically examine and continually improve all operations within the enterprise.

Awards from Our Customers

The HSE measures (Health, Safety, Environment) taken by Klaeser have also been acknowledged by our customers. Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, for example, whose fuel we have been distributing for many years, has awarded us yet again in succession for good HSE services during the execution of road transports for Shell Distribution DACH.


Shell Roadtransport Spediteur Award 2022


SQAS Transport Attestation Klaeser Herten


SQAS Transport Attestation Klaeser Hamburg


SQAS Transport Attestation Klaeser Ludwigshafen

Regular Expert Assessments in accordance with SQAS Transport

Since 1995, regular SQAS (Safety & Quality) assessments have been carried out at select locations in accordance with the catalogue of questions for transports provided by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC, s. SQAS is a tool used by independent auditors to evaluate the QHSSE System (Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment) of logistics providers in a uniform manner with the help of a standardized question catalogue.

Regular Expert Assessments in accordance with SQAS Tank Cleaning

Klaeser operates cleaning facilities for tankers at various locations. These facilities are also evaluated according to CEFIC norms on a regular basis using the SQAS question catalogue for tank cleaning (s.


SQAS Tank Cleaning Attestation Klaeser Herten


SQAS Tank Cleaning Attestation Klaeser Hamburg


SQAS Tank Cleaning Attestation Klaeser Ludwigshafen

Certificate AD-2000 Bulletin HP-0

Certificate AD-2000 Bulletin HP-0


Certificate according to Directive 2014/68/EU, Annex I, point 3.1 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2

Certification as a Professional Service Provider for Welding

As a professional service provider for welding in accordance with AD 2000 Bulletin HP-0 / DIN EN ISO 3824-2 / EN 792-2, the motor vehicle construction operations at Klaeser are certified for the production and repair of tank semi-trailers and pressure containers.

Protection of Health, Work and Objects

During all business activities at Klaeser, health protection, job safety, as well as the protection of persons and objects are treated with as much diligence as the actual business procedures themselves. At the company, a job safety commission has been established which discusses topics from the areas of health and work protection, introduces the appropriate measures, and monitors the corresponding implementation on a quarterly basis.

The Objective is: Zero Accidents, Zero Incidents, Zero Damage

A corresponding sense of responsibility as well as active participation on the part of all employees are supported. For the transport of hazardous goods with a high potential for danger, a company security plan has been developed, which is re-examined on a regular basis and adapted to new requirements.

Social Responsibility

Klaeser as an enterprise is also aware of its social responsibility. Not only for this reason, our enterprise is supporting the „Kindernothilfe“ – a children’s emergency relief association. In July 2014, we celebrated the 25-year anniversary of this partnership and were honored with a certificate. We plan to continue this partnershp in the future in order to contribute our part in supporting and aiding those in real need.

Kindernothilfe - Urkunde 25J_Unterstuetzung