Container Terminal

At its site in Herten, Klaeser operates a licensed container terminal with a double girder bridge crane for transshipment and for the intermediate storage of 20’ ISO containers, especially tank containers.

The terminal has got 101 holding areas for 20-foot containers, 18 of these with electronic heating for temperature- regulated containers. The terminal license permits the storage of empty, empty and uncleaned, as well as completely filled tank containers. Up to 200 tons of hazardous goods can be stored here as well as containers in the sizes 20'/30'/40’. Moreover, we can offer you the following additional services at our site in Herten:


Services at the Site in Herten


The trucking of containers (to the container terminal and to all other terminals)


Cleaning of container interiors and exteriors


Repair services and inspections


Application of paint and lettering

Corresponding queries should be sent to our logistics management:
Mr. Meik Hemmerich, telephone: +49 (0)2366/187-132, 

Permitted and Forbidden Products

Whenever fluid products are stored in our tank container terminal, safety for man and nature are our top priorities. For this reason, certain security regulations must be observed and only certain products are permitted for storage. Listed below, you will find a selection of permitted and forbidden products at our tank container terminal.

Permitted are products of the water hazard classes 1 and 2. These are, for example:

  • Aqueous acetal copolymers, marketable as dispersions or latices
  • Diverse softeners conventional on the market
  • Diverse detergent base materials conventional on the market
  • Tall oils, tall resins and tall oil fatty acids
  • Products distilled from mineral oils, hydrocarbons with high flash & boiling points, non-hazardous goods
  • Hydrocarbons, in individual cases: hazardous goods based on flame points
  • Diverse amines
  • Diverse isocyanates
  • Diverse synthetic resins
  • Diverse glycerines and glycols
  • Aqueous pigment pastes as dipping primers

Forbidden are certain hazardous goods such as, for example:

  • Strong acids
  • Volatile halogenated solutions