Mineral Oil & Petrol Station Supply

Klaeser is a specialist in the distribution of mineral oil and petrol station supply. The entire economic cycle is closed by Klaeser when we provide leading petroleum corporations with mineral oil delivery intended for the automotive industry, or supply petrol stations with fuel.

Mineral Oil Distribution

Klaeser has established a second pillar of business activity with its specialization in the nationwide and trans-European distribution of mineral oils to consumers, workshops and car dealerships on behalf of different large-scale mineral oil corpora­tions. With an oil depot at its Hamburg site and the corresponding high-tech equipment, Klaeser is an experienced and reliable partner in this sector.

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Petrol Station Supply

ln the petrol station business as well, Klaeser has many years of experience at its disposal. In the past, deliveries for the former Deutsche Erdöl-AG (DEA) were carried out at locations in Hamburg and Duisburg. Today, the fact that Klaeser has taken over the petrol station supply zones North and West I of the Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH has created the prerequisites that allow us to secure our market share in this segment for the future, and extend it even further.