New Vehicle Manufacturing

At its company-owned manufacturing site in Herten, Klaeser constructs high-quality tankers, tank semi-trailers, tank trailers as well as container chassis, equipped according to individual customer requirements.

Our range of products includes the following vehicle types, among others:


Tank semi-trailers for chemical products


Jumbo tank semi-trailers


Tank semi-trailers for food products


Tank trailers


Tank container chassis

Equipment of Our Tank Semi-Trailers/ Tank Trailers

Listed below, you will find the features of our tank semi-trailers/tank trailers:


  • Vehicle volumes of 10 m3 (tank trailers) to 56 m3 (jumbo tank semi-trailers).
  • Pressure tanks with 4-bar test pressure.
  • Various compartment sizes and subdivisions, light construction possible for compartment subdivisions and wash plates.
  • Tank material CrNi / CrNiMO, available with acid-resistant stainless steel or with rubber coating.
  • Spill boxes and outlet pipes made of stainless steel.
  • Air pipes/vapor recovery system in stainless steel with corresponding connectors; safety valves, manometer.
  • Insulation: mixture of solid material and mineral wool.
  • Insulation coating made of highly polished, stainless steel sheets; all overlapping points covered with tensioning straps made of stainless steel.
  • All construction elements in contact with the tank and beneath the insulation are made of stainless steel.
  • Heating pipes on the tank with 4-bar capacity during stationary operations with steam.
  • Autonomous heating systems (run with heating oil, diesel or gas) can be connected to heating pipes.
  • Pipes and tubes made of stainless steel.
  • Chassis made of stainless steel.
  • Various axle assemblies with up to 27-ton total axle load, with disc brakes (type approval, EC System), with Electronic Brake System (EBS) and Roll Stability System (RSS) or Roll Stability Program (RSP), options: lift axle(s), steering axle.
  • Synthetic single-wheel fenders or stainless steel fenders.
  • Underrun guard made of aluminum or stainless steel (type approval, EC System).
  • 2 screw jacks, load capacity 24 tons.
  • Gangway with collapsible aluminium guard rail, can be utilized from below.
  • Approval for vehicles according to the respectively valid legal provisions, vehicles transporting hazardous goods with type approval.

Individualized Solutions

Klaeser is also in a position to develop and implement individualized solutions for special requirements. For example, Klaeser also manufactures special trailers for internal company operations. Please approach us with your concept and work together with us to develop a solution. We will then make a corresponding offer to you. In this context, please read through the progress report of the Sasol Corporation. Our sales department is available to respond to your additional questions:

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