Klaeser has a well-equipped motor vehicle workshop at its disposal in Herten.

Repair and Maintenance

At the workshop, not only the vehicles in our own fleet receive maintenance and repair, but maintenance work and repairs for external utility vehicles of all kinds are carried out as well.

  • Normative tests according to the accident prevention regulations (UVV) of the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for motor vehicles (BGV D29).
  • Safety tests for trucks and vans.
  • Emission tests for diesel motors according to Section 74a of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO).
  • Tachograph checks acc. to Section 57b of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO).
  • Installation checks for speed limiters acc. to Section 57d of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO)

Intensive collaboration with the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) and the German Motor Vehicle Association (DEKRA) makes it possible to conduct technical approvals for utility vehicles by appointment in our workshop, in compliance with Sections 21, 29, 19/2 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO) as well as the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).


Technical equipment for tractors and other utility vehicles is yet another main area of activity at our motor vehicle workshop.

For example, the following work is carried out:


Equipping and modifying tractors, trucks, vans, etc. for the transport of hazardous goods in compliance with European regulations (ADR) - e.g., electrical systems, fire protection walls, exhaust systems, labelling, etc.


Installation of compressors / pumps / hydraulic systems.


Installation of additional heating systems.


Installation of telephones for motor vehicles.


Assembly of further technical equipment (storage boxes, etc.).


Telematic units and computers for motor vehicles.