Klaeser — An International & Specialized Forwarding Company with Comprehensive Services

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Founded in 1954, Klaeser is one of the leading European forwarding companies. This means advantages for you as one of our customers.

Safety in Handling Hazardous Goods

Handling and transporting hazardous materials of all classes demands a high degree of specialization and comprehensive expertise - We know exactly what to do.

Increased Quality

Our well-tested quality management system guarantees the continuous development of all processes involved in the value creation chain. Your goods are in the best hands.

Customer-Oriented Service

Modern communication and telematic systems facilitate quick and thorough all-round service. Let yourself feel enthusiastic about your service provider.

International Forwarding

Our services extend beyond country borders and language barriers. Our repertoire is at home in Europe.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Specialized technology of the highest quality, as well as individual innovations at our own vehicle construction site, guarantee services that meet your needs with precision.

Diverse and Adaptable Service

”We never say never” - You will be surprised at all the tasks we can take off your hands with our wide-ranging spectrum of services.

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Environmental protection and sustainability is of greatest importance for Klaeser.

At Klaeser, all activities of the company are examined according to sustainability criteria and in respect to their ecological effects and potential for energy conservation. Our basis for action is preventative environmental protection with a focus on employees, technology, emissions and legal security.

During the years 2012/2013, Klaeser was able to contribute to environmental relief and reduce operational costs for the company with various measures within the context of an eco-profit project in Vest Recklinghausen.

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Klaeser is aware of its responsibility to customers, society and the environment.

Quality & Environmental ProtectionQuality & Environmental ProtectionSince 1995, Klaeser has utilized a quality management system in compliance with the internationally acknowledged ISO 9000 series of norms. Klaeser and all of its subsidiaries are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. In 1997, Klaeser participated for the first time in an SQAS assessment according to the standardized catalogue of questions provided by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). Since this time, SQAS assessments have been carried out several times at various locations. The results of the evaluation are available to members of the CEFIC user group at the web address: www.sqas.org


karriere-iconAre you planning a career in the transport and logistics branch? In this sector characterized by dynamic activity, tight schedules and organizational flexibility, it is all the more essential that the general working conditions are just right for all tasks that have to be accomplished. Klaeser provides the correct equipment for this purpose as well as teamwork in a pleasant and motivating environment.
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standorte-iconKlaeser is an international and specialized forwarding company with its main business offices in Herten and a comprehensive range of services. Our network of branch offices currently includes five business locations across Germany and also offers you contact persons in the direct vicinity of your needs.
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