Compliance at Klaeser

Stable business cooperation for the benefit of all can only exist with fair competition and strict compliance with the legal system. The management of Klaeser is committed to not tolerating compliance violations in the company and in the related business activities under any circumstances. In order to fully meet the aforementioned claim, we have set up a compliance whistleblowing system.

Via this whistleblower system, violations can be reported to the internal reporting office we have set up. (Definition according to § 2 (2) HinSchG: Violations are actions or omissions in the course of professional, entrepreneurial or official activities that are unlawful and affect regulations or areas of law that fall within the material scope of application pursuant to § 2 HinSchG). Beyond the scope of the HinSchG, problems with regard to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact can also be reported via this whistleblower system.

The whistleblower system gives our employees and temporary workers employed by us the opportunity to inform us securely and, if desired, completely anonymously about corresponding violations. In addition, we also offer our customers and business partners as well as other outsiders who are in contact with us or are affected by our services/products the opportunity to use our whistleblower system.

By reporting reasonable suspicions, you make a valuable contribution to our compliance process. Of course, we guarantee full legal protection for whistleblowers, so that you need not fear any disadvantages as a result of your report.


  • fulfils the legal requirements,
  • protects itself and its employees from fines or imprisonment and liability risks,
  • improves its attractiveness towards business clients, partners, investors, banks and employees,
  • increases its own professionalism,
  • protects its reputation from scandals
  • recognises risks earlier and
  • can thus take early and proactive action against violations.

Further information on our compliance measures in our company can be found in our <Compliance Policy> (only available in German). This serves to ensure impeccable and honest conduct by all employees and to prevent corruption.

Of course, you also have the option of reporting compliance violations via the federal government’s external reporting offices: