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Sustainability is very important to Klaeser

Klaeser is aware that economic success in the future will not be possible without sustainable processes. With a view to greater sustainability, all activities in the company are therefore examined in terms of their ecological impact and potential savings right from the planning phase.

Some examples of concrete measures to improve sustainability in the company:

Reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Klaeser has a modern fleet of vehicles with economical and low-emission EURO 6 engines.

Several tractor units with LNG-powered engines (LNG = liquefied natural gas) are also used for filling station exports.

To this end, modern telematics systems are used in the vehicles, which provide the driver with feedback on fuel consumption and driving style via a data interface to the vehicle. Thereby promotes more defensive and anticipatory driving behavior, which can prevent accidents. In addition, a technical limitation of the maximum speed also contributes to a fuel-efficient and defensive driving style.

Reduction of fresh water consumption and wastewater pollution

As part of a rainwater project, rainwater is collected in 2 large cisterns on our company premises in Herten and used for pre-cleaning in the outdoor washing system. This can significantly reduce the consumption of precious fresh water. This also protects the yard in the event of an accident.

The drivers are trained to ensure that the transport containers are emptied as completely as possible. Larger residual quantities are emptied before cleaning in order to avoid unnecessary contamination of the waste water. Tanker cleaning is carried out IT-supported and cleaning agents are dosed product-specifically. Separating the strands (water-soluble products, non-water-soluble products) minimizes the wastewater load and facilitates pre-treatment.

Wastewater from tanker cleaning is pre-treated and only then discharged into the public sewage system. Compliance with the specified limit values is constantly monitored.

Reduction of electricity consumption

Klaeser is an energy-intensive company due to its production facilities and cleaning systems. By installing photovoltaic systems in Herten and on the new office building in Hamburg, solar energy is used to generate electricity for the company’s own consumption, with any surplus being fed directly into the grid.

Further measures, such as

– the replacement of lights with LED lights,
– the reduction of peak loads,
– improved maintenance/sealing of our compressed air network,
– the installation of more energy-efficient pumps / machines, etc.

we are continuing to work intensively on a permanent reduction in electricity consumption.

Reduction of waste

This starts at the purchasing stage, e.g. by buying in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging. We are also on the lookout for environmentally friendly substitutes for hazardous substances.

Waste from administration, technology and tanker cleaning is carefully separated and sent for authorized recycling or disposal. Waste volumes and costs are regularly monitored with a view to possible reductions.


Further commitment

Participation in the project Climate.profit NRW 2023

In 2023, Klaeser participated in the project at the Herten site
Climate.profit 2023
project in NRW.


In cooperation with other companies, a process lasting around 10 months was carried out by trained consultants with the aim of developing and implementing individual solutions and measures for the company to adapt to climate change.

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