The Company Klaeser was founded by Hans Klaeser, Sr. in Wanne-Eickel (today: Herne) in 1954.

The enterprise quickly developed from a regional to an international forwarding company. Its main office is now located on the grounds of the former “Emscherbruch” in the industrial region to the south of the neighboring city, Herten.

The affinity of the enterprise to the home region is also reflected in the company logo (a jumping horse in a red square). The jumping horse, which can also be found in the old municipal coat-of-arms of Wanne-Eickel, symbolizes an ancient breeding center for wild horses in Emscherbruch.



One of the Leading Forwarding Companies in European Countries

With several hundred vehicles, tank semi-trailers and tank containers, as well as approx. 500 employees, Klaeser is currently one of the leading forwarding companies in European countries. Branch offices throughout Germany guarantee rapid completion and comprehensive service. At present, the main focus of our forwarding activities lies in the transport of liquid chemicals as well as the delivery of lubricants and fuel. Renowned chemical companies and mineral oil corporations in Europe are among our regular clients.

Comprehensive Service for Our Customers

Our range of services is supplemented by modern tank cleaning facilities in Herten, Hamburg and Ludwigshafen, as well as our own vehicle construction site with a repair shop in Herten. As a result, special wishes of loading personnel in respect to equipment can be implemented quickly and flexibly at the highest level of specialization.

In addition to this, a 24-hour emergency service is available for all possible cases.

Regular control and maintenance work as well as the short-term execution of necessary repairs guarantee a high security level at the company fleet of vehicles. With its expertise of many years, its modern fleet of vehicles, and its both highly motivated as well as well-trained personnel, Klaeser is a reliable business partner. All areas of activity are expanded on a continual basis. Nonetheless, it still remains our primary objective to fulfill the requirements of our customers at any time.


Main Location

Main Office in Herten

Hohewardstr. 333 – 335
D-45699 Herten

Telephone: +49 (0)2366 187-0
Telefax: +49 (0)2366 187-170
Mail: info@klaeser.de

Klaeser is an international and specialized forwarding company with its main office in Herten, offering a comprehensive range of services. Our network of branch offices, which currently includes five regional offices throughout Germany, also provides you with contact persons in the direct vicinity of your needs.

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